Today we decided to take it easy since Roy & I hiked 9.5 miles yesterday. We heard that Templeton Trail was easy with some shade. This would be good since it was going up to 110 degrees today.

We got to the trailhead and started down the path and the temperature was a balmy 105 degrees:

The trail started with a moderately steep climb for the first 1/2 mile. When we reached the top, the path leveled off but shade was nowhere to be found 🙁

Lots of shade – NOT! The sun was blasting down on us and the sun-drenched rocks were radiating lots of heat up. It was liking hiking in frying pan! 

A little further down the trail we found a few bushes, but not much shade 🙁

The good news is there were some nice views of the area:

We ended up hiking about an hour and decided to head back. It looked like there was a little shade on the Templeton Trail, but it was another 30 minutes down the road.

Here are few shots on the way back:

Roy is blazing the trail… or is the trail blazing Roy?

I don’t think this trail was easy or breezy 🙂

Well, today’s hike was an epic fail! So we hung around the condo, relived our fun days back at Michigan and had a nice dinner.

We called it an early night since Roy had to be up at 6am to catch a flight back home.



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