This is my seventh blog in a continuing series of vacation blogs from around the world. Every year Susie (my wife) and I pick a town, rent an apartment for a month (thank-you, we have no car and live like the natives. We usually cook all our breakfasts and about 16.7% of our dinners in the apartment (lunches are always “on the road”) In the past, we have stayed in Barcelona, Nice(three times) Iceland, and Rome. If you are interested in reading my previous vacation blogs you can find them on the home page. This year Susie & I are heading to Sedona, AZ. USA. We went there in March for my 1 week Spring Break (remember those “Spring Breaks” from college 🙂  ??? We really enjoyed our week there and decided to come back in June. We rented a nice condo (  next to a golf course. Why Sedona? Well it pretty much checks all the boxes for us:

  • There are more than 100 hiking trails in the area. We hiked a few during Spring Break and they were fantastic! We plan on doing a lot of hiking.
  • Sunny
  • Warm. The average high temperature in June is 92 (but it is a dry heat!). The weird thing is the average temperature in the evening is 60.
  • Lots of nearby places to visit for day trips – a few ghost towns and the Grand Canyon.
  • Good food
  • Reasonable prices (see my Iceland blog to experience STUPID prices)
  • Somewhat reasonable rental prices for an apartment.

For those of you who went to tHE Ohio State 🙂 ( a standing joke…Go Blue) Sedona is located here: We will be driving from Wisconsin to Sedona (about 26 hours of driving – according to Google). The cool part is we will travel on interstate highways that follow historic Route 66. So we plan on jumping onto Route 66 a few times along the way to check it out.

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I just added Pinterest Pin-It feature to the blog. I know that many of you have asked for this in my previous blogs so I added it to this blog. When you move your mouse over a picture, you will see a red “Save” button in the top left corner. Simply click it and you can add the photo to your board. If you are having problems with this, please let me know.


Here are a few important notes before we begin:

  • First things first. I assume no responsibilities for typos or not so good grammer 🙂 I have a Engineering degree for God’s stake. OK…I feel much better with that off my shoulders.
  • If you are offended by any of my comments…sorry about that.
  • If you want to enlarge any of the photos, just click on them. I just added this feature to the blog so you can scroll through all the pictures by clicking on them.
  • I edit all my photos on my laptop which is a great computer, but the LCD screen is not color calibrated. So if a photo looks a little off-color you now know the reason why. However, I’m going to try some new software to correct this issue. Hope it works.
  • In my past blogs I make references to major cultural icons (i.e. Chuck Norris, David Hasselhoff…) so pay attention! 🙂
  • Depending on how much we had to drink, if the wifi gods are aligned, if the trains are running on time… I try to post a blog everyday.
  • If you want to leave a comment, click on the “Enter your comments…” section. Just your name is required.
  • Feel free to share the blog with others. I’m hoping to get more page hits than Google and I need your help 🙂

OK, that just about does it.

Hope you enjoy our adventures & please leave some really pithy comments (or some not so pithy comments)



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