It rained on and off for much of the day πŸ™ Β HOWEVER, it did clear-up around 8pm and the light was very special.

So Susie & Matt went to the Van Gogh museum (I have been there twice, so I stayed home & blogged)

Here are a couple of shots from the day/night…

Susie & Matt on their way to the Van Gogh found this awesome car in front of our apartment. Here are some details from WIKI: The Canta is a two-seat microcar from the Netherlands specifically created for disabled drivers.[1] It was developed in 1995 by Waaijenberg together with the Delft University of Technology. In addition to the standard petrol-engined production models, an electric Canta was designed for the German market but it has remained at the prototype stage. In the Netherlands, it is classified as a mobility aid because the width of the vehicle is only 1.10 metres, thus it may – unlike larger microcars – be used on cycle paths as well as sidewalks and footpaths; in addition a driver’s license is not required. I did find out that the car has Honda engine (160cc!!) and generates a whopping…. 5.5hp!!!! Top speed is 30mph… I saw one drive away and it sounded like a lawn mower πŸ™‚

A better shot of the stairs in our place. Pretty steep!!!

Amazing the building still stands with this much sagging.

When Susie & Matt returned, the sky started to open and we decided to go out for dinner.

I had this for dinner. Yum!!! FYI there is some charcoal in the box to keep the meat warm. You can see a piece of it under the chicken. It was delicious… and nutritious!! Matt had the same thing, but got the large portion!!

After a delightful dinner, the sky really got special and cast some spectacular light. The only bummer was I left my good camera at the apartment. These shots were taken with my pocket camera, a Sony RX100 (which is GREAT pocket camera, but not match for my main camera – a Sony A6300)

Here are some photos:

A lucky shot… Cue the bird in flight πŸ™‚

It was a wonderful evening.




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