Today we headed out to an island called NDSM, a short 15 minute ferry ride from the Central Station. A few shots along the way:

I mentioned in a previous post about the houses having a pulley system to haul items to the upper floors. If you look closely (maybe click on the photo to enlarge it) you can see the beam sticking out near the top of the building for the pulley system.

This is a parking garage devoted to just bikes!!! It can hold ~3,500 bikes!!

This is a shot from inside the main Central Train Station.

Just a few more bikes 🙂

Here is a quick video I made to show you how many bikes are really here (no work of art 🙂 but you should get the context)

NDSM Island

According to Wiki…

‘NDSM’ is a neighborhood in the Amsterdam-Noord borough of Amsterdam, Netherlands built on and using the industrial structures on the former land of the Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij (NDSM) shipbuilding company. It is an “edgy arts community with a post-apocalyptic vibe” according to Lonely Planet. There are apartments, headquarters of companies like Red Bull and MTV, eating, drinking, a hotels including one built in a crane and one on a ship (BOTEL).  

A few photos from the area…

This is the hotel mentioned in the WIKI article.

The latest high-tech sub in the Dutch Navy 🙂 Actually a relic from WWII.

Believe it or not… this ship crane has been converted into a hotel. There are 3 total rooms (the 2 red boxes plus one on the ground floor) Hotel guests can use the complimentary bungee jump located are the end of the crane (not kidding)

It take a brave man to admit he drives this car… an even braver man to proudly display “Hello Kitty” on the windows of said car 🙂

More Sunsets & Night Shots

Here you go….

The light streaks are caused by boats moving through the canal as I took the 30-60 second photo. Kind of cool???

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.





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