My Gear

Equipment I Use & Some Information

A lot of people want to know what kind of camera I use. So without any further ado…

My Camera

I am currently using a Sony A6300 camera. I started out using a Sony NEX3, then went to a Sony NEX7 and now the Sony A6300. I guess you can say I am a Sony fanboy. However, Sony has been bringing their “A game” for the past 5-10 years and have really been revolutionizing the camera industry!

So why Sony? I really like the form factor. Their cameras are really small and lightweight because they focused (pun intended:-) ) on the “mirrorless” technology which was invented by Epson. Without a mirror, the camera does not require the classic huge hump for the viewfinder. As a result, Sony has been making some if the smallest cameras on the market.  Here is a size comparision between my camera and a typical mirrored camera:

Having such a small camera is great when you are travelling. Many years ago I had a traditional mirrored camera and it was a beast to lug everyplace. The Sony is a joy to handle and travel with. If you are looking for a great camera (that won’t break the bank), I highly recommend the Sony a5000 which costs ~ $400 and includes a 16-50mm lens.

My Lenses

First a quick discussion about lenses. The chart below shows the different focus lengths and should give you an idea about the this concept.

So now you have a basic understanding of focal length. I have a few lenses but the one I use most often is the Sony 18-200mm zoom lens.

This is a very versatile lens going from wide angle to medium telephoto. The trade-off for this versatility is image quality is not as good as fixed focal length lenses (i.e. an 18mm lenses). However, Sony did their homework and this 18-200mm zoom has very good image quality. I would estimate that 70% of my photos are taken with this lens.

I also have a Sony 10-18mm super wide angle zoom lens. This is a great lens for landscapes and showing “big skies”. Here is prefect example from our trip to Barcelona:

Most recently I picked-up a Zeiss 16-70mm zoom lens. This is a very sharp lens and works great for some street & urban photography. Here is an example from Nice:

Hope this was helpful for you.