It is amazing what a little sleep will do for you 🙂 Yesterday we were up for about about 24 hours!!!!

Today we decided to explore more of the city and to checkout another open market. So let’s get started.

Notice how the building is leaning forward. One of the locals told be there are 2 reasons why they built them this way: #1. The building are taxes by the square footage on the ground floor. So by leaning the building forward, they get more area on the upper floors without paying for the extra space. #2.. Many of the building have a pulley systems on the top of the building to hoist large objects to the upper floors. By leaning the front forward, they reduce the chance that the hoisted objects will hit the building as they travel upwards.

I previously mentioned how some of the buildings were built leaning forward. Here is good photo that illustrates building leaning sideways. (For those of you who went tHE OSU, the building were NOT built to lean sideways 🙂 ) Most of the building do lean sideways because the foundations were originally made of wood.

$hit!!!! … Where did I park my bike 🙂

Waterloo Open Market

This is a street market that is open everyday except Sunday. Here are a few shots:

What the heck are these??? Take a guess… The answer is later in the post.

Susie, being a big fan of Shark Week & all 5 of the Sharknado movies, fell in love with this chair 🙂


ANSWER – Cans of spray paint.  

Houseboats Galore

There are a bunch of houseboats throughout Amsterdam. Here are few pics:

According to the Interwebs, Amsterdam has 3,050+ houseboats — anything from small, simple structures to custom-built, multi-story floating homes, as well as converted commercial vessels. If you take into account Greater Amsterdam as well (which the Amsterdam Tourist Board would really like for you to do), there are some 3,600 houseboats!!!!

While on the subject of boats… these are volunteers cleaning debris out of the canals.

Here are few more shots from our walk around the city:

A Few Night Shots

Amsterdam looks great during the day, but also offers some great scenery in the evenings (NO… I’m not talking about the red light district)

Here a few shots including another nice sunset. (Don’t forget you can click on the photo for a better view)

Speaking of night… I’m going to bed 🙂

Thanks for reading.




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