The morning started out a little cloudy and the boat tour looked iffy. However, it cleared up around 1pm and we took a boat tour of the canals.

Here are a few pics:

This is Max, our boat captain. We decided to take a small open boat tour, rather than the large glass covered boat tours. The smaller boats can go into some canals that the big boats can’t.

The city looks a little bit different from water level.

I decided to try the action cam again and I had Matt help. Note the use of the gimbal, the stick attached to the camera.

With Matt’s help and the gimbal, I got much better results. Here is time lapse video of the boat tour:

Here are few more shots from the tour:

If you have been paying attention, you would have noticed that about 90% of the building are 3 windows across. A few are 4 windows wide (built by the rich guys 🙂 ) Here is one of only 4 buildings that are 1 window wide. This building is 8 feet wide and about 50 feet deep.

This is a famous spot. They say you can see 7 bridges down this view.

As the boat headed to the dock, I could not help thinking about Chuck Norris 🙂

(Whose of you who have followed my other travel blogs know I try to work in Chuck Norris into every blog)

Since this is not a proper picture of Chuck…

Now back to our regularly scheduled program 🙂

After the tour we had a nice walk back to the apartment and the sun was casting some nice light and shadows. Here are few examples:

Hope you enjoyed the boat tour of the canals… we sure did. It was very civilized 🙂





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