Last Day :-(  A Walk To Rembrandt Square, My Special Purchase, & A Few Other Shots

Last Day :-( A Walk To Rembrandt Square, My Special Purchase, & A Few Other Shots

Well, it’s our last day in Amsterdam… 10 days flew by!

Susie & Matt went out for some last minute shopping.

I decided to try the action video cam again. I know a little bit about photography (have been doing it on and off for 30+ years), but the video stuff is new to me and I have a lot to learn. Here are my initial thoughts. I like photography because you can capture a single moment in time with great detail, but sometimes it can’t capture the entire scene. Video on the other hand can sometimes better capture an entire scene, but can lack details of the moment. Plus a video can include music/audio from the scene.

Here is an example. I could show you a photograph of the view from our apartment window, but a short video (with audio) can do a better job. You can hear the sounds of bicycle, horns, birds chirping… No great work of art, but it illustrates my point.

While Matt & Susie were out, I decided to try making a timelapse video of my walk from our apartment to Rembrandt Square. Here it is:

My Special Purchase

NO! I didn’t buy a bunch of dope to bring back home 🙂

Many of you know that I wear Hawaiian shirts on Fridays (yes, even in the winter). Every country I travel to I try and buy a Hawaiian shirt. I was freaking out because after 9 days, I hadn’t seen one Hawaiian shirt. So decided to try one last place, the Waterloo open market.

Eureka!!! Within 5 minutes of looking, I found Nirvana… I found this:

What a GREAT shirt and I only paid 10 euros!!! I hit the jackpot!  I am happy 🙂

FYI… Susie thought my purchase decision (and my sense of fashion) was horrid 🙂

We spent most of the afternoon & evening packing and cleaning up the apartment because we have to leave at 8am tomorrow 🙁

So I will leave you with a few of my favorite shots from the trip. Thanks for reading!