Haarlemmerbuurt And A Beautiful Sunny Day!

Haarlemmerbuurt And A Beautiful Sunny Day!

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday was a cool, wet and a very grey day. Today we awoke to a sunny, picture perfect day and decided to head to the far part of Amsterdam (North side) to the Haarlemmerbuurt District.

A few shots from the day…


This photo was taken in the “9 Streets” area, a famous 9 block shopping district.

Some Cool Cars…

Well maybe not so cool, but definitely small 🙂

Small but cool!

This my friends might be the ugliest car ever built 🙂 This is the famed CitroĂ«n 2CV (French: “deux chevaux” which means 2 steam horses) This car was built from 1948 through 1990!

Some Cool Boats…

And finally a few other shots on the walk home:

There were about 100-200 of these bikers all revving their engines quite loudly while at the stop light. When the light changed I was expecting them to zoom away (maybe even pulling a few wheelies) but instead they drove away at about 2 MPH due to traffic… kind of funny.

Hope you enjoyed the day with us.