Little Horse Trail & A Little Heat!

Little Horse Trail & A Little Heat!

Little Horse Trail, The Heat & Susie’s New Addition!

Today we decided to take Sandy on a hike. We choose Little Horse Trail for a couple of reasons:

  1. We wanted an easy trail because this was the first time Sandy went “real” hiking.
  2. Sandy just arrived yesterday and was still acclimating to the altitude and this trail has only 300 feet of elevation.

Here is a little info on the trail:

Little Horse Trail is 3.4 miles and is rated as an easy hike. It rolls across the red rock landscape through a number of dry creeks and then ends atop Chicken Point. Here you will find beautiful views of Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock.

We got a late start and hit the trailhead at around 1pm. There were absolutely no clouds in the entire sky and the temperature was a balmy 95! Here are the girls as we started on our adventure:

Photographer’s Note: I used a circular polarizer filter on my lens today. This filter helps to eliminate haze and also makes the sky a little bluer. I tried to dial it back on the blue sky, but they came out pretty blue. Too blue??? What say you?? Leave a comment below.

Here are few shots at the beginning of the trail:

The girls blazing the trail:

Some interesting vegetation along the way:

This was a very interesting rock formation. Susie and Sandy were convinced it was really an ancient UFO that crashed into a vortex while looking for crystals 🙂  (Read yesterday’s post for more details)

A Little Heat!

About an hour into the hike the temperature climbed to 109 degrees!!!! If that wasn’t bad enough, there was no breeze and little shade on the trail. It felt like we were in a blast furnace!  I captured the moment on my trusty thermometer:

We got about 3/4 of the way to Chicken Point and decided to head back – it was just tooooo hot!

Here are a few other shots I captured on the hike back.

Here is a shot of the horse of “Little Horse Trail”. Can you see the horse’s head on the rock formation to the right? The horse is looking straight at you. Can you see his eyes, mane and nose?

This is the Chapel of the Holy Cross:

A close-up view of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. We plan on visiting the chapel on Sunday and will have a full report soon.

Susie’s New Addiction

We were all pretty hot & tried by the time we reached the car. The air conditioning in the car felt sooooo good!

On the drive back to the condo, Sandy suggested we stop at the Circle K and buy some Slushies. Susie shocked us when she said:

“What is a Slushie? I have never had one” -Susie

As we drove to the Circle K for Susie’s first ever Slushie, I couldn’t help to think that “strange things are afoot at the Circle K”  🙂   (Historical reference below)

We got our Slushies and the first words out of Susie’s mouth was “WOW! These are great! I think we should get one everyday!”

When we got back to the condo, we headed to the pool, Slushies in hand. But it was still 109!