A Slow Day, A Sore Day, Sandy Arrives & Vortexes (Weirdness)

A Slow Day, A Sore Day, Sandy Arrives & Vortexes (Weirdness)

Well, in the aftermath of yesterday’s exciting fall, we are both a little sore. Luckily, we had planned on having a slow day since Sandy (both Susie & I worked with Sandy at Miller Brewing Company) was arriving today.

We ended up talking, sitting by the pool and shopping. I did manage to snap a few photos along the way (FYI when Susie & Sandy are shopping they move too fast for my camera to catch : -) )

This is one of the famous formation around Sedona called Bell Rock. This is the view as you drive into Sedona.

Here is another landmark called Cathedral Rock:

Sedona Vortexes (Total Weirdness)

In case you didn’t know it, Sedona is the “New Age Mecca of North America” and there are lots of shops to support this local cottage industry. Here is partial listing of the vortex tours in Sedona:

I will get some pics and more info sometime this week to share with you. Until then, I thought it might be good for you to have a little background. The BIG thing here is something called vortexes. (BTW-that is a photo of Susie & Sandy at the top of the blog waiting for the vortex to arrive… NOT)

I spoke to a local and she said there are 2 types of vortexes. They are suppose to be energy fields emanating from the ground. There are 2 flavors of vortexes  – the feminine version rotates counterclockwise while the masculine version rotates clockwise. I asked if I could see one and she said:

“No – You never see a vortex. You can only feel them” – a local Sedonite

She then proceeded to tell me I could sign-up for a “Sedona Vortex Tour” for only $75. I politely said:

“Ma’am, I’m from Wisconsin and we have vortexes too… Polar vortexes and we can see & feel them for free” -jj shields

We both had a good laugh.

She later told me that Bell Rock has a huge crystal located in the middle of it and that is why so many UFOs are spotted around the rock. (WOW! Vortexes, UFOs & crystals all rolled into one explanation! I’m impressed)

I have done a little research on the interwebs and here are some of my finding:

  • The Sedona Vortexes are related to String Theory. At least this is what this guy said on YouTube (and we know it has to be true if it on the interweb 🙂  )  You only have to watch about 30 seconds to get the gist of it:
  • Sheldon Cooper says this is a bunch of hokum 🙂 :

  • Here is what Penn & Teller have to say abou this (pretty funny):

I will report more on this subject as the blog continues.

Until then, I’m going to try and find a vortex to fix my sore muscles 🙂

Luckily I found a map on the interwebs: